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Many of the patients suffer from low self-esteem, shyness, lack of confidence in addition to poor body image due to the physical deformity that accompanies scoliosis. We include session with patient and care-givers to provide counselling sessions to help deal with these psychological aspects of the therapy. Adolescence and adult life with scoliosis can be completely normal with right inputs.

Counselling is also needed at various stages of life.
A. Counselling for children and teenagers with scoliosis: Parents of young scoliosis patients often have questions related to psychosocial development of the child, schooling and keeping up with academic activities while undergoing corrective treatment. Suggestions for appropriate clothing, footwear are also given. Depression, angle issues, poor adjustment with peers may also be noticed. We help to deal with these issues cropping up during adolescence and puberty.
B. Career counselling for patient with scoliosis : Scoliosis is a life-long condition and regular exercises are required at all ages. Considering this patients and parents have anxiety regarding career choices, managing working stress and adjusting strenuous/demanding job requirements during adulthood. We offer career advice and also help to maintain synergy in social and personal life.
C. Marriage counselling for scoliosis: Partners of men as well as women patients need to know about the scoliosis and various lifestyle changes required to maintain spinal health. We have a family counsellor, a trained clinical psychologist who can provide guidance. We also have support groups of patients to share experiences. (photo of married couple, smiling)
D. Pregnancy counselling for scoliosis patients: Increase in weight during pregnancy and carrying weight of child after childbirth can cause changes in the spinal curvature. Patients and family often have many questions regarding dealing with pregnancy related issues. Our counsellors help the patient and family to be aware the problems and take appropriate care. Special exercises and support for spine to avoid pain and increase in curvature during pregnancy are suggested. (photo of pregnant woman, healthy)
E. Counselling for age related changes in scoliosis patients: Ageing can lead to increase in curvature of spine. Regular exercises for spinal flexibility and muscle strengthening are required. We provide exercise routine specially designed for senior patients. With simple methods, the patient can live an absolutely normal healthy life. (picture of an older healthy looking man)

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