Active Correction

In our treatment, the patient works with physiotherapists and doctors to correct the curvature through various exercises and breathing methods. This method helps to re-train the internal muscles to hold the spine in normal straight position, correcting the spinal curvature in the most natural manner. In Schroth therapy patient is taught how to stand, sit, walk and sleep with corrected posture. Rotational Angular Breathing (RAB) is the key factor in treating the scoliosis. We also help patients to use diverse modalities such as pillows, chairs, exercise ball, supporting sticks, belts, theraband to achieve normal posture.

Scoliosis exercises need to be performed consistently for improving posture, providing mobility and balance. Exercises are specific to the type of scoliosis. They include making pelvic corrections; lengthening the spine; performing corrective breathing; and training the trunk muscles to maintain corrected posture. For all exercises, patients are first trained to take a position/posture in which the curvatures in the lumbar spine, pelvis, thoracic spine, rib cage and shoulders are held in a corrected position.

In this “corrected” posture, patients are taught to do corrective breathing which directs breathing into the collapsed areas of the rib cage. Breathing in this manner decreases the rotation in both the rib cage and spine, and improves breathing capacity. Increased breathing capacity improves stamina for physical activities and reduces muscle injury. Stabilization of the corrected posture is also taught. Improved breathing and posture leads to overall feeling of well being and boosts confidence of the patient.

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