Solving Scoliosis team and infrastructure

  • We are a team of about 4 M.D. doctors, 3 graduate doctors, 4 physiotherapists and we are continuously looking to improve the quality and knowledge of this team to serve the patients.
  • Solving Scoliosis is in collaboration with Proactive clinic which has the best digital x-ray system, scanogram, pathology laboratory , pharmacy and workshop.
  • We maintain a detailed database of all patients and complete confidentiality.

Our Team

Anatomy of human body always fascinated Dr Shridhar. He had a firm belief that invasive treatments being deployed by most in the industry were being used in cases where it was hardly required. He is a certified Schroth Therapist who completed his training in the Schroth Barcelona Institute ( )

Dr. Aparna has a Ph.D. in science and experience in science research, education and awareness for more than 20 years. She has scoliosis since early childhood and have undergone corrective treatment and led a perfectly normal life. Her passion is to raise awareness and help scoliosis sufferers to lead a healthy life.

Nitin has a Master’s in Engineering from (Texas A&M). He had training in scoliosis brace making in USA. He leads a team of technicians who produce the corrective brace in-house. He is innovating in brace making to give maximum correction and also to make the brace affordable to all.

Anjali is trained psychological counselor (PG DCP) from Ferguson College. She is also a Reebok and ACE certified fitness trainer who specializes in personalized training. She helps the patients in maintaining a positive body image and postural correction.

Ketaki is trained counselor

Our facility

  • Solving Scoliosis clinic is equipped to treat individually as well as in groups. Various exercises are carried out using exercise frame, balls and other equipment.
  • The clinic also has a resource centre which provides informative brochures, awareness material, videos etc. for patients and parents.
  • It is located centrally in Pune and has good access to hotels, restaurants, shopping area and other facilities.
  • On request we can also help search for accommodation and logistic support to outstation patients.
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